Saababarrel by Modis
  1. The seller cannot be held liable for minor changes in construction, dimensions and color that would be made by the manufacturer.
  2. The price is fixed and also includes the costs of delivery unless explicitly stated otherwise on the order form. The buyer must ensure that the necessary utilities are available on site. If the utilities are not present and the seller makes the necessary adjustments at the request of the buyer, then these activities (materials and working hours € 48 per hour per person) must be reimbursed by the buyer in addition to the purchase price stated on the order form.
  3. If no precise delivery date is stated in the order form, a delivery period of 3 months applies.
  4. In any case, the delivery period only starts when the agreed advance has been paid in full.
  5. If the ordered goods are not delivered within the specified period, the buyer can demand delivery of the goods by registered letter within 6 weeks. If the seller fails to deliver, the injured party has the right to immediately terminate the concluded agreement without prior notice of default. In that case the buyer is entitled to a refund of the advance paid.
  6. If the delivery period is delayed at the unilateral request of the buyer, the seller can demand an additional advance of 30%, without prejudice to the possibility for the seller to charge the storage costs.
  7. The delivery period will be deemed to be suspended for the period resulting from unforeseen circumstances caused outside the will of the seller, inter alia due to international transport and the delay due to customs regulations, insofar as the seller within days of the 14 and the seller the delivery date.
  8. Delivery takes place at the place specified on the order form and, failing that, at the address of the buyer.
  9. The buyer must ensure receipt of the goods on the agreed date and time of delivery. Delivery is planned on the ground floor and presumes normal accessibility of the location? If that is not the case, the buyer must make the seller attend. In the event of defects, the seller will be entitled to charge for any additional costs that might ensue from this, including, where appropriate, an additional transport to and from there.
  10. The buyer undertakes to extensively test the delivered goods within a period of 7 days after delivery. Complaints must also be sent to the seller by registered letter within a period of 7 days after delivery.
  11. The buyer indemnifies the seller against any claim from third parties based on the contractual relations between buyer and seller.
  12. Any claims from the buyer lapse if the claimed defect is caused by improper handling and / or insufficient care for the delivered goods, and / or the goods are not used in accordance with their destination.
  13. The buyer has no recourse for defects that he knew or should reasonably have known when concluding the agreement or if the defect arises from material supplied by the buyer.
  14. The transfer of ownership takes place at the time of delivery and subject to full payment.
  15. The buyer must pay the balance of the purchase price at the latest at the time of delivery. Payment is preferably made before delivery via the bank relationship of the seller. Insofar as the balance of the purchase price has not been paid before, the buyer will pay the balance in cash at the latest at the time of delivery and before unloading the truck that brings the goods to the site.
  16. The seller reserves the right not to unload the goods and to take them back if he would not receive payment upon delivery. The costs for a second delivery will be borne by the buyer and will be at least € 250.
  17. The following conditions apply to the cancellation of an order:

Within the 14 calendar days, counting from the day following the signing of the contract or confirmation of the order by letter or e-mail, the consumer has the right to cancel his purchase at no cost, provided that he informs the seller of this by registered letter. Any clause whereby the consumer would waive this right is void. Regarding the observance of the period, it is sufficient that the notification is sent before the expiry of this period. If the buyer wants to cancel the purchase after this period, he will pay a termination compensation that is at least equal to the advance paid with a minimum of 30% of the total sum. If the cancellation takes place within the 4 weeks before delivery, the total sum is due.

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